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Port Agency



Port agency

Nautilus Port Services provides a tailormade Maritime Logistic Port Agency solutions in all Ports in The Netherlands and Belgium.

Our expertise in operational level covers areas as:

  1. Dry-bulk, all commodities

  2. Breakbulk, General cargo, Liner terms

  3. Tankers, Crude-oil, CPP, Veg-oil, Chemicals, LPG and LNG

  4. Off-shore jack-up, rigs, wind mill installation, crane barges

  5. Super Yachting  

  6. Owners Husbandry / Protecting agent

  7. Cruise Ships

  8. Navy & Military Vessels

  9. Ship to Ship Operations

  10. Dry-Dock calls


Our staff have decades of experience in shipping industries and understand the unique requirements of ship owners, charters and crew members. We act as local representatives on behalf of owners, charterers and operators of all vessel types. We have extensive knowledge of the ports, which allows us to cater for specific needs in various environments.

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