About us

Nautilus Port Agency was founded by two experienced managers who have been active in the maritime industry, multimodal logistics and international shipping for many years. Together with a team of young and highly professional talents they are still active in operations to secure the company’s high quality standards.

Nautilus Port Services is an entirely independent Dutch company with International renown

We attend to all type of Vessels, Cargoes, Port logistics & International Freight forwarding catering for the individual needs of each client.

The Company is committed to operate all activities within the spirit and letter of all laws and regulations affecting its businesses and employees.  Employee must exercise the highest level of integrity, ethics and objectivity in their actions and relationships which may affect the Company and/or its Clients. Emloyees must not misuse their authority or influence of their positions in these relationships.  Moreover, an employee has the duty to act in the best interest of the Company at all times