Port Security Products

Are you a Cruise Terminal, Airport or organizing an event or festival and temporarily need a detection system to screen your visitors for contraband? And you want this access control system is as efficient and simple as possible?
Rent your X-ray baggage and hand luggage scanner at Nautilus. 

Your advantage

  • fast passage of persons and baggage check
  • compact and easy to place
  • compliance with the latest security standards
  • easy to operate
  • Nautilus support 24/7
  • finest quality image display
  • budget friendly
  • also available with walk-through and handheld metal detectors 

Nautilus Support

Nautilus ensures that your security solution is fully operational.
Certified technical employees install and explain the functionality of the equipment. Separate training for your employees is also possible.

Nautilus takes care and thinks along how baggage X-ray scanners and metal detectors are best used for your security challenge