Port Agency


Agency attendance and husbandry is an honorable profession which focuses on taking care of a vessel and her crew who are far from home.
Nautilus has the highest level of commitment to this endeavor: our employees are the key to this tradition.

Our Managers have an average of more than 25 years agency experience in Operations and Accounting.

Nautilus employees have a diverse skill base. Our employees are leaders in all aspects of the port community throughout The Dutch Ports.

All Nautilus Port Agents are specially and extensively trained to become local experts of their individual port of service. Each agent is experienced and expert in local as well as national regulations that affect ships, crewmen and vessel cargoes.
Our knowledgeable staff maintains up to date information on port facilities, repair resources, marine equipment providers, and medical facilities and are equipped to provide immediate transmission of all applicable voyage information and timings.

Nautilus operatives provide special services for Tankers, LNG & LPG carriers, Offshore vessels & Rigs, Bulk Carriers, Navy Ships, Super Yachts and Cruise Vessels.

Our Agency Network offers agency activities throughout all Ports in the Benelux.